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Your Symptom Timeline

  1. Early Development
    In order to understand the current condition of your body within a wider context, we will take a look back at your long-term health history, often spanning a number of years.
  2. Past History
    We will also look at a your more recent history (months) to understand whether any direct external factors have effected your current condition.
  3. Immediate History
    Many people will associate their existing condition to an even that has occurred within their immediate history (weeks) and although that may be the case, we look at your immediate history within the wider context of your entire health history.
  4. Treatment Period
    By understanding your health history we are able to apply the correct period of treatment.
  5. Check-ups
    We encourage regular check-ups to ensure that your health is improving and that the results of our plan are being realised.
  6. Lifestyle Changes
    Finally, we look ahead to the future and recommend a plan for your future health. This usually includes a series of lifestyle changes that we believe will help you to maintain good health and wellbeing.



Whether you are sedentary at a desk or physically active in your workplace, we can help you improve your musculoskeletal health to stay mobile.



Whether you are taking time out or trying to sleep better at night, we can also ensure that your body remains comfortable and flexible until you are ready to get moving again.



Whether for enjoyment, better health or high-level sports, we can assist you in keeping your body in the best condition, thereby maintaining regular activity such as walking or exercising, no matter what your age.

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