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Introduction to Work, Rest & Play Better!

At Body Back-Up our overall goal is to help all of our patients improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing through tailored assessment and care.

We see work, rest and play as focal elements within everyone’s lives which need to be working in harmony to avoid suffering. We are here to enable you to transition between these elements of your daily life and achieve your goals.

Click here for more information on the Work, Rest & Play Better approach.

How the FAR approach can help you

  • Discover movement and strength blocks and finding individual stretches that solve these blocks, in order to create more flowing movement
    Helping those who are in pain and have low body confidence explore and resolve the areas of their body that need help most.
  • Reduce fear of movement that is painful.
  • Reduce injury from over protecting areas of the body that feel weak and vulnerable.
  • Explore and understand how YOUR Body is really working to enhance the quality of your training and determine areas there need focused loosening or strengthening.
  • Deliver the best you can in your chosen sport at recreational or professional level.
  • Uncover the uneven effects of sports and gym workouts that actually leave the body working off balance.
  • Reduce the build-up of strains that lead to injury and reduce time outs.
  • Enhance your gait to help you walk and run better with less chance of injury.
  • A guided recovery programme to enhance balance and co-ordination skills.

How FAR works

FAR uses a structured process to treat patients effectively:

  1. Active Palpation Assessment – Detailed evaluation to really feel how your muscles are working or where they need help.
  2. Functional Active Rehabilitation – Specialised exercises to help reactivate muscle power and control as you recover.
  3. 3D Muscle Chain FAR treatment can help you regain confidence in movement and abilities.

What can FAR be useful for?

FAR has been used for Tension Headaches due to stiffness in the Upper Back and Neck
FAR can assist Work related Postural stiffness
FAR is used to assist recovery from Lower Back pain and some types of Sciatica
FAR can help release Deep stiffness in the Hip muscles and Thighs
FAR can assist in some cases of Sports Injury that show slow Progress and return to activity

FAR helps you by individually coaching your exercise and body awareness to assist other forms of exercise to become more effective like yoga and Pilates without injury or strain.

The Cranial Approach focuses on the head, sacrum and body as a whole

The Cranial approach can be applied to any part of the body, not only the head. It uses the principles of osteopathy to treat in a gentle but powerful way. The Cranial Approach follows the belief that the body has the ability to heal and correct itself, moment by moment, to the best level of health possible.

In Osteopathy, in the Cranial Field, with gentle hand contact, we work with the body’s self-correcting mechanisms to help things to change. Osteopathy in the Cranial Field is very often the treatment of choice for babies and children. Strains and compressions in the system due to birth events are best treated this way.

Joint manipulation is a type of passive movement of a skeletal joint. It is usually aimed at one or more ‘target’ synovial joints with the aim of achieving a therapeutic effect.

How does joint manipulation work?

Joint manipulation is generally used as part of a broader plan which includes a range of other techniques in addition to joint manipulation.

Undergoing joint manipulation is initially much like undergoing massage. In many cases you will lie on a table where they precise application of pressure through hands is used to manipulate your joints.

By manipulating the joint, the pressure and movement will stretch and realign muscle, ligament, scar tissue, and the joint capsule itself. Joint manipulation is also an effective treatment to reduce pain.

We review your Foot and Ankle mechanics, balance and control and see how this may adversely influence your Knees, Hips and Back, creating points of strain that interfere with daily walking, running as well as other sports and activities.We may recommend and mixture and remedial exercise combined as needed, with our low cost orthotics (£25 to £39) to suit your lifestyle. Please bring: Sports, Walking or Workplace foot-wear to your appointment.

We use our hands to detect changes before, during and after your hands on treatment in order to determine what is wrong, monitor as we treat and apply just the right amount of pressure to improve blood-flow and release tension and pain.

This is what makes osteopathic skills appropriate to a wide range of muscle and joint problems with the aim to improve function and for you to feel a real improvement during each appointment session.

We choose a mixture of appropriate techniques, which includes F.A.R., myofascial release, traction, pressure-point techniques as well as gentle functional stretching – depending on how recent or long-standing your problem is.



Whether you are sedentary at a desk or physically active in your workplace, we can help you improve your musculoskeletal health to stay mobile.



Whether you are taking time out or trying to sleep better at night, we can also ensure that your body remains comfortable and flexible until you are ready to get moving again.



Whether for enjoyment, better health or high-level sports, we can assist you in keeping your body in the best condition, thereby maintaining regular activity such as walking or exercising, no matter what your age.

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