Over 15,000 people have consulted us since we were established in 1988; many of which where referred by GP’s and nurses. We regualrly receive postive feedback from our patients and are delighted to list some examples below:

Foot & Knee Pain

"I visited Karen, and after one session, walked out of the surgery, started training again and completed the Half Marathon."

Giles Cunningham (43), Windsor - Runner & Technician

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Running with pain

"I’m pleased to report that not only did I get round with no pain, but I finished having done a personal best. Thank you Robin!"

Rosalind Hardy (60), Runner & Retired Nurse Practitioner - Wokingham, Berkshire

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Back and neck problems

"I really can see the improvement. I have much less back pain, much less neck pain"

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Upper shoulder discomfort

"Robin Lansman was recommended to me and I came to Body Back-Up for treatment. If only I had done this two years earlier! Thank you Body Back-Up."

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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Management

"I have numerous friends who have had back injuries and have been happy to suggest Robin Lansman, and his service is really good."

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Sports injury treatment

"At the time I was seeing Robin Lansman who I found to be absolutely superb, very quick, very friendly, very helpful."

Martin Ellis (47), Bray, Berkshire - Sales Executive

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Multiple Sclerosis manipulation and exercises

"Robin works wonders... I recommend him very highly."

Professor Alan Palmer (54), Recruitment Consultant - London

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Hip Pain

"After only a few sessions with Robin, I can move around much more easily and am finally optimistic about the future."

Sophie Dent (41), Recruitment Consultant - London

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Long term back pain resolved

"AFTER just ONE £45 session my back felt like a “million dollars”. PROPER advice and diagnosis has helped along with my own research."

Adrian Jansz (44), Telephone Engineer, Slough, Berkshire - Sports – Tai Kwando

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Pregnancy Care

"Robin Lansman’s treatments helped me survive a very uncomfortable triplet pregnancy, during which I became so large that I could barely walk."

Mother of three & Presentation Trainer - North London

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