Over 15,000 people have consulted us since we were established in 1988; many of which where referred by GP’s and nurses. We regualrly receive postive feedback from our patients and are delighted to list some examples below:

Posture Assessment

"I really can see the improvement. I have much less back pain, much less neck pain and I still sometimes have the tendency to go back to the bad habits!"

Lenka Vychytova (37), Marketing Manager - Maidenhead, Berkshire - Sports - Rowing, Skiing and cycling

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Assistance with Posture and sitting

"Robin made a couple of suggestions, inexpensive to implement, that addressed a nagging problem in my upper back.

I'd recommend Robin Lansman and Check my posture!"

Susan Mackenzie, Homemaker - Burnham, Buckinghamshire - Sports/Activities - Yoga, Piano

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Back Pain – Exercises for long-haul travel

"The exercises are great, and within a few days I was able to comfortably fly back to London. I had some great treatments over a two week period."

Caroline McShane (Age 46), Marketing - Northern Ireland

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Spinal damage – slipped vertebrae

"I cannot believe the difference these three sessions have made to my mobility and comfort levels."

Nitesh Patel

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Back Pain Resolved

"I cannot overstate how much better I feel. Not only is the pain and discomfort gone, but I feel I have so much more energy"

Dean Page

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Improved mobility and energy

"Robin goes outside of the box; good listener and he clarifies the possible tissue family causing my pain. Everyone has a different approach to heal pain, personally I like to know what I am dealing with."

Rachelle Walker

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Long Term Back Pain

"I would highly recommend someone who suffers with regular pain book to see an Osteopath, especially Robin and the Body Back-Up team"

Tim Jefferson

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Pregnancy Care

"Have been seeing Mr Lansman for treatment during the final trimester of my pregnancy - excellent care, great service in booking appointments, highly recommend."

Sarah Johnson

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Chronic Back Pain

"Highly recommended... Robin treated my shoulders and underlying chronic back issues, and was thorough, professional and reassuring at all times."

Charlotte Dixon

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Sports Injury Care

"Thank you so much for all your advice and the work you did on my knee and back before the Rome half marathon"

Keren Hollands, Age 20 years, Student & Distance Runner

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