Barney Polden BOst (Hons)

Associate Osteopath

  •  Bachelor of Osteopathy with First-Class honours 2017
  • Winner  Rising Star Award from the Institute of Osteopathy in 2017
  • Accomplished Sportsman

Allied Health Professional Recognised by NHS England

Barney has been treating patients with a diverse range of conditions since 2013.  He graduated as a Bachelor of Osteopathy, with First-Class honours in 2017, coming first in his cohort.  Barney has won a series of osteopathic awards including the Rising Star Award from the Institute of Osteopathy in 2017.

With fifteen years of experience in the British Armed Forces, Barney maintains a high standard of physical fitness and enjoys taking part in a variety of sports.  As a result of his sporting activities, Barney has refused to be defeated by several repetitive strain and traumatic injuries, which have fed his thirst for knowledge about manual therapy and reconditioning to both recover himself and to prevent further injury.

  • Barney has significant experience in treating back and neck pain and, having recovered from his own injuries, Barney has become an expert in treating a wide range of sports injuries.
  • Barney uses a variety of osteopathic manipulation techniques, medical acupuncture, joint articulation and soft tissue techniques.
  • Barney enjoys water polo (having played at national level), snowboarding (currently a BASI instructor), endurance events, windsurfing and kitesurfing
    • The Reg Oakes Award for coming first in his graduating cohort.
    • The Tracy Stockley Award for Health Professional Values and Reflection.
    • Rising Star Award from the Institute of Osteopathy

Barney Polden is at our Maidenhead practice, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday evenings 5:45 – 8:00 pm.

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