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Workplace Health & Well-Being – Expert help is here!

We offer in-house training for smaller & International companies and provided Employee workshops and professional advice on Work Place Health & Well-being. Past clients include:

Workstation Reviews – our check my posture service

Body Back-Up Workstation reviews could save  money by advising on using existing equipment more effectively. 

COST-EFFECTIVE INDEPENDENT EXPERT ADVICE and help selecting chairs & office furniture.

  • The average cost of one new workstation Desk, Adjustable chair & Screen raiser is between £750 to £2000.
  • Our Consultancy rates for a whole office team often amount to less than a single Workstation purchase!
  • All staff who are workstation users are required to have a workstation assessment each year.
  • Back pain alone accounts for more work absence than any other single condition !
  • Make Sense of Workstation Assessments with our easy to follow action plan


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Does your organisation lose working days because of Back-related pain?

Have workstation changes been suggested?

Are you concerned about your budget and making the right choices that WORK long-term?

We have a range of low-cost options to help.

1. Workstation Assessment

We perform a Workstation assessment – self-completion and basic recommendations for individuals or groups.

You may have this in-hand already. We can however help assess the data collected already and make our recommendations.

2. Review – Evaluate – Record

Workstation layout and employee posture review can be assessed one-to-one.

A Body-mapping process is used so each employee can self-score pain & stiffness at work.

A review of symptoms & treatment or advice is given by our visiting Osteopaths.

3. Benchmarking & Training

“Before & After” photographs help record changes suggested to workstation and posture.

This can be used in future as a point of reference.

We offer training on workstation use, home lifestyle and exercise considerations to compliment work demands.

We can provide health and wellbeing events for staff to discuss issues with our experts, as well as onsite osteopathy at intervals that suit your staff, saving on time-out and travel for their hands on care.

Corporate fee rates are available and we work with major health insurance providers covering osteopathy.

We can help

Body Back-Up offers a professional assistance with a range of workplace wellbeing services.

Our team of qualified practitioners can help you to devise the best possible plan for you staff and colleagues that will ensure the best healthcare and treatment.