Tension Headaches

We encourage our patients with long-standing problems to “plot” their progress between each appointment.

This informs us if their treatment is improving according to plan
When you have had a chronic long standing problem, it can be hard to describe your symptom pattern clearly.

Whether you are looking for sports injury rehabilitation or preventative treatment, we can help.

How can you measure change & check improvements?

  • Reduced Intensity & Duration
  • Symptoms pattern changes
  • Reduced tension and stiff neck
  • Greater range of neck mobility

The Treatment & Self Help Programme

The osteopathic treatment and management combines manual
loosening of muscular tensions using hands on gentle techniques:

  • Neck spinal muscles
  • Shoulder blade area
  • Base of the Skull
  • Application of heat between sessions.
  • Performing a prescribed exercise routine—tailored for the individual.
  • Thoracic and cervical spinal mobilisation when appropriate.
  • Change to a more supportive pillow—that we may recommend.

Male Aged 55 – Suffering from Tension Headaches

The graph shows the daily pattern of head aches in the days following the initial series of osteopathic treatment – treating muscular neck tensions as well as spinal joint restriction.

Our patient self completed a progress graph.

Measuring changes from day to day and week to week.

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We can help.

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