Sports Rehab & Prevention

We are specialists in sports care osteopathy & prescribed clinical exercises, incorporating FAR (Functional Active Release).

If you are looking for an individual sports injury rehabilitation or preventative treatment approach, we can help.

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We have treated a wide variety of sports-people at professional and recreational levels. Those who have consulted us include:

  • Runners
  • Tennis Professionals
  • Golfers
  • Polo-Players
  • Joggers
  • Gymnasts

  • Triathletes
  • Squash Players
  • Cricketers
  • Horse Riders
  • Swimmers
  • Rugby Players

  • Gym Users
  • Hockey Teams
  • Footballers
  • Orienteers
  • Dancers

Our experience and insight will help you to get back on track.

If you have suffered an injury that is keeping you away from your chosen sport, Body Back-Up is here to put you back on track.

Whatever your age or experience, we’ll give you the help you need.

At Body Back-Up, we can help you review your exercise programme in the light of your personal goals, making your stretches more effective and improving performance or reducing injury time-outs.

Not only can we help you to speed up your recovery but also estimate how soon you should be able to return to your sport. This will allow you to achieve full recovery in minimum time, as well as discover ways of protecting against future injury.

Who are our sports injury rehabilitation and prevention services for?

  • Sports people who want to enhance their performance and reduce injury
  • Active retirees seeking help to get the most out of life
  • Tri-athletes, who need all-round flexibility and balance
  • Golfers looking to enhance accuracy and range of swing
  • Anyone who wants to detect problems before they become painful or has shifting symptoms that are hard to link together and wants a bespoke action plan 

Our testimonials speak for themselves…

We can help.

Body Back-Up offers a professional low-risk option for sports injury rehabilitation and prevention.

If you are seeking further advice on your current conditioning or you are ready to book an appointment with one of our healthcare specialists, get in touch with us today.