Arm & Shoulder Pain and T.O.S

Have you been told you may have bad posture,
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or RSI?
Are you suffering from LOCKDOWN COVID19 effects sitting more with less exercise, increased stress with poor quality rest?

Thoracic outlet syndrome is a group of disorders that occur when blood vessels or nerves in the space between your collarbone and your first rib (thoracic outlet) are compressed. This can cause pain in your shoulders and neck and numbness in your fingers.

Common things people with TOS report. We hear these examples all the time!

  • Work at a computer or desk for quite a lot of time?
  • Drive long distances? Have you had a whiplash type injury in the past?
  • Find holding a pen, using a mouse or steering wheel has become harder & harder to do?
  • Ever wake up in the night with tingling in both arms and deadness?
  • Wake up with cold hands and they don’t feel like yours? Been told it must be your circulation?
  • Have already changed pillow several times and no better?
  • Find it difficult to sleep on one of your shoulders and yet you don’t have a Frozen shoulder or any restriction in motion?
  • Been told you may be suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)?
  • Arm symptoms including pain and stiffness or pins and needles?
  • Been diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?
  • Have you had shoulder injections or surgery and the symptoms have returned or never went away?

Assessment & Diagnosis

  • Over time using a computer, or various sports can cause the body to adopt poor postures
  • Using our specialised T.O.S. assessment & screening we can often pick up problems which may have been completely overlooked in previous examinations.
  • An X-Ray or MRI may show changes if the issue is a structural problem but often these are clear or show only mild wear and tear which is normal with NO disc or Joint problems of any significance.
  • Functional  problems within the muscles (the muscles in front of the throat, ribs and collarbone) overlying the brachial plexus which is the nerve bundle that supplies the upper limbs, is often the problem

Your Osteopathic lifestyle review


  • Work and sporting posture
  • Sleeping position and sitting posture
  • Functional assessment of your upper ribs, neck mobility & upper spine
  • Test the power of your grip and reflexes.
  • Check your pulses to ensure your problem doesn’t have a vascular basis
  • Check if the cause if neurological. Neuro reflex tests done.
  • Review of trauma history – such as whiplash or falls.
  • Review of any existing X-RAYS or Scan results

We explain our findings and plan your care programme with you!

Treatment can involve Soft tissue release, FAR, Manipulation to spinal joints and then exercise to relieve the symptoms and then further remedial exercises and treatment to resolve the problem for the long term. This normally involves 3 to 5 appointments over 4 weeks and we might suggest seeing you 3 to 6 months after your last session too as a final session. 

This care programme is available as a Telehealth set of appointments in many cases 

Our testimonials speak for themselves…

We can help.

Body Back-Up offers a professional Low Risk option.

Our Osteopath’s are skilled in distinguishing Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (T.O.S.).

If you appear to have a T.O.S or you are unsure if your arm and/or shoulder pain could be Thoratic Outlet Syndrome, we can help.