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Measuring value for your fees when you first consult us at Body Back-Up, we will give you an estimate of how many sessions of treatment you will require, the timescale, as well as the progress you might expect. The first session is about assessment and diagnosis and this is a vital part of the process. It maybe that your first session is mostly forming a diagnosis and treatment plan that is individual to you. There may be less time for hands on treatment at your first appointment depending on how complex your history and condition has become. Each follow-up session lasts 30 minutes or longer if you request an extended session, during which time you will receive hands-on treatment and advice.

Telehealth sessions offer great value for professional advice and care options and are often 50% of the fee rates of our standard fees.

This approach will allow you to remain fully informed of your treatment expenditure and, importantly the progress of your condition.

Treatment costs can be evaluated in two ways:

  • Cost per session.
  • Total cost of a programme of treatment.

Please consult the ‘’Appointment’ page for the fees for the practitioner you are planning on seeing.

Many of the patients who come to see us have tried Yoga or Pilates as a form of exercise to help alleviate their Back and joint problems. They may have been advised ‘that they need to strengthen their core’ as a way of managing their problem.

As with all exercise, it doesn’t suit everybody’s body type or the suggestions are not offered on an individual basis.

The idea that the core ‘needs to be stronger’ appears logical, but by the same token, many exercises can also create more rigidity and fail to alleviate symptoms.

Because we do not function in a symmetrical way or indeed become injured in a symmetrical manner, therefore remedial exercise that offers an even-sided approach does not always address these differences fully. It might be said that exercising evenly with a body that is fundamentally uneven, produces further disparity in function and extends the problem cycle.

Massage therapy unaided by a medical knowledge of diagnostics can prove variable in its’ value. The deeper training and experience of Osteopaths at Body Back-Up is key to safe and effective care.

We often recommend massage therapists that we know and who understand the way we work. They may have even attended Body Back-Up for their own treatment, so they have an understanding of osteopathic medicine from a ‘personal’ perspective.

If this is something you would be interested in we would certainly refer you to someone, once we have fully assessed you.

We are happy to work with Yoga teachers and Pilates teachers.

If you want to discuss starting Yoga, Pilates or Massage at your appointment, please let us know and we can suggest what might work best for you.

Maintenance treatment may be suggested in particular cases when your job, sporting activities or lifestyle demands it. Dependent on circumstances, you may only require one treatment every six months

Keeping your back joints and muscles in good shape will mean less treatment overall, and help you avoid acute attacks of disabling pain whilst at the same time allowing you to budget for your back care.

Body Back-Up Osteopathic treatment uses the professional’s hands to alter the function, flexibility and tension in the muscles and joints of the body.

These may have been very stiff for a considerable period of time; so it is possible that after your first appointment you may feel a little sore for anything between a few minutes and 24 hours. This is a totally normal reaction to treatment.

It may be that you feel sore in various areas of the body as your body readjusts to a change in the mobility that the treatment affords. If you are prone to skin bruising, this may occur temporarily – please let us know immediately if you are at all concerned so we can discuss your worries.

This feeling of discomfort will gradually ease; it is nothing to worry about.

Many joint and muscular problems can be caused by sport and working practices. At Body Back-Up we understand that many people want to continue their lives as normal, whilst not wanting to allow their injury to interrupt their daily activities.

When you first consult us we will take account of your feelings in connection with your individual demands on your body. We will try and design a treatment to work with your body and your own personal demands.

There may be times when it is impossible to progress your condition without some rest or modification to your normal activities. We will try to keep this time to a minimum, and make the time out as productive as possible.

When it is imperative that you continue work or sport we will support you during this period with extra treatment to keep you functioning in the circumstances.

With careful diagnosis and treatment we hope to be able to ease your condition, reduce your pain and increase your mobility.

It is possible that you may feel some reaction to your first couple of treatment sessions. Many people just feel more mobile.

If you have a condition that we are not happy to treat, we will not start treatment but – instead – refer you to your General Practitioner.
Likewise if you do not progress as expected, you may have to have a course of medication or x-rays before we continue looking after you.

All Body Back-Up Osteopaths are registered with the General Osteopathic Council.

Any Osteopaths chosen to work with Body Back-Up follow high standards of patient care.

All our Osteopaths here have been trained as primary carers and are regulated by GOsC to make sure standards are met.

Click here to go to the General Osteopathic Council website.

Please check the Osteopaths individual page to read more about their experience.

Body Back-Up Osteopaths are experienced in treating a wide variety of people from all walks of life. You should feel totally comfortable with the Osteopath who is looking after you.

The Consultation process involves gathering facts about our patients and will involve an examination to see how different joints and muscles in your body are functioning.

You should feel relaxed throughout this process and so we ask you to wear underwear that allow us to examine your back joints easily whilst leaving you uncompromised.

Female patients can request a female practitioner, when available, and a towel to cover them during treatment can also be provided.

Each practitioner has different skills to offer the patient. Body Back-Up Osteopaths are specialised in dealing with back problems and conditions affecting other muscles and joints throughout the body.

Using our knowledge and examination skills we may be able to offer a new insight into a problem that appears to have made little progress with medication, hospital treatment or even injections or surgery – it is not ‘magic’ but a totally individual style of assessment, advice and treatment, which may refer to x-rays or scan information, as well as the outcome of the medical tests and treatment to inform the best course for you.

Many patients see us as a last resort – and only wish they had consulted us earlier. If we cannot help you, a letter could be written to your GP or Consultant to help you get the care to help you.

08:30AM – 18:00PM
Monday – Friday

09:00AM – 13:00PM

We are alerted to messages by our voicemail service if lines are busy or it is out of hours.

It would be useful but not essential to bring the following items to your consultation:

  • GP Details and Referral Letter
  • X-Rays or Scans
  • Current medication list
  • Completed Health Insurance Forms
  • Medical Reports
  • Exercise Program

Maida Vale Parking

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24 Hours Free

Minimum Stay: 10 min
Maximum Stay: 4 Hours.
Extendable: Up to Maximum stay.
A minimum purchase of 10 minutes applies at this location. If selecting 1-9 minutes you will be allocated and charged for the minimum purchase.
Last tariff update: 09 March 2018

Parking map near Maida Vale Library

There are pay and display parking bays available most reliably on Delaware Road W9 near the library.

Maidenhead Parking

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We have a small rear carpark to the back of your building.

  • Please note fees are payable after each appointment unless you have pre-arranged for direct settlement using Health Insurance with the Body Back-Up
  • Receipt will be issued for any appointment on request.
  • Need to cancel your appointment, or change the date or time we require 24 hours notice
  • A fee will apply for non-arrival or late cancellations depending on circumstances

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